Total Recall

Total Recall (1990) is set in the year 2084.

Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) does not know if what he is experiencing is real or if it is the false memory vacation to Mars that he purchased from Total Recall. Dr. Edgemar tries to convince Quaid that what he is experiencing is only a paranoid delusion.

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Total Recall [Blu-ray]
Total Recall [Blu-ray]

The Time Machine

The Time Machine (1960) story begins in 1899 London.
George (Rod Taylor) tells his friends, David Filby and Dr. Philip Hillyer, that he can use the fourth dimension for time travel.

The course of human evolution has been altered by mutations caused by the radioactivity from nuclear war.

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The Time Machine
The Time Machine (Widescreen)

Klingon Language Suite on iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is evolving into a fusion of the Starfleet Communicator and Starfleet Tricorder.

The Regulation Starfleet Klingon Language Suite is now available for the iPhone.

Standard issue for cadets at Starfleet academy, the Klingon language suite is an integral part of any officer’s electronic reference library and has even been adopted by the Klingon fleet for use by officers interacting with Federation forces.

The Emergencies section can help you save a life!

Dr. Sherman Cottle

Dr. Sherman Cottle (Donnelly Rhodes) is the Battlestar Galactica’s chief medical officer. He is portrayed as a heavy smoker.

From Battlestar Galactica (2004):

Doctor Cottle: You are obviously an intelligent, well-educated young woman. Would you mind explaining to me why you waited five years in-between breast exams?
President Laura Roslin: Yes, I would mind. It’s none of your business. I was busy.
Doctor Cottle: And now here you are. [lighting a cigarette]
President Laura Roslin: Yes, here we are…would you mind? [indicating displeasure at his smoking]
Doctor Cottle: I do, actually. [continuing to smoke]

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  • You’ve done much more than that. You’ve taken a patient who should’ve died years ago, and you’ve given her a chance. Despite cancer and the Cylons, and her own obstinate nature…You have my heartfelt gratitude and my thanks.

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Charly (1968)

Dr Richard Nemur and Dr Anna Straus perform experimental surgery on Charlie Gordon (Cliff Robertson) who is a mentally retarded man. Will the surgery give him intelligence?

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Programming Moral Machines

In the episode, The Game from Stargate: Atlantis, Dr. Rodney McKay presents the trolley problem;

Dr. Rodney McKay: Let me ask you a question. Say there’s a runaway train. It’s hurtling out of control towards ten people standing in the middle of the tracks. The only way to save those people is to flip a switch – send the train down another set of tracks. The only problem is, there is a baby in the middle of those tracks.
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