Dr. Gaius Baltar is a Scientist

A Measure of Salvation.
While being tortured, Gaius Baltar tries to talk some sense into D’Anna. She is trying to get information about a virus of which he knows nothing about.

Baltar: I’m a scientist. And as a scientist, I believe that if God exists our knowledge of him is imperfect. Why? Because the stories and myths we have are the products of men. The passage of time. That religion in practice is based o­n a theory. Impossible to prove. Yet you bestow it with absolutes like, “There is no such thing as coincidence.”
Three: It’s called faith.
Baltar: Absolute belief in God’s will means there’s a reason for everything. Everything! And yet you can’t help ask yourself how God can allow death and destruction and then despise yourself for asking. But the truth is, if we knew God’s will, we’d all be Gods, wouldn’t we? I can see it in your eyes, D’Anna. You’re frustrated. You’re conflicted. Let me help you. Let me help you change. Find a way to reconcile your faith with fact. Find a way towards a rational universe.

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The Time Machine

The Time Machine (1960) story begins in 1899 London.
George (Rod Taylor) tells his friends, David Filby and Dr. Philip Hillyer, that he can use the fourth dimension for time travel.

The course of human evolution has been altered by mutations caused by the radioactivity from nuclear war.

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The Time Machine
The Time Machine (Widescreen)

Dr. Bashir’s Flap

Trials and Tribble-ations, Dr. Bashir and O’Brien from Deep Space 9 travel back in time to Captain Kirk’s Enterprise in the 23rd century.

Dr. Bashir: I never met my great-grandfather. This could be a predestination paradox! Come on, Chief, surely you took elementary temporal mechanics at the Academy? I may be destined to fall in love with that woman and become my own… great-grandfather.

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